Samples from Tim’s journalism in the business and politics of sport; stories from teams; sports science and technology; the future of sport; personal stories; and exclusive stories.

business / politics of sport

FIFA may be corrupt but it has done wonders for football (The Spectator) - on the FIFA paradox

Winning at any price: Doping in sport (The Economist) 

Manchester City's new franchise model: a harbinger of football's future (The Daily Telegraph) 

From brewers to bookies: How Premier League kit deals map the financial world (The Daily Telegraph) 

The middle income trap in international in football: why Europe and South America are becoming more dominant (FiveThirtyEight)

Twenty20 is making cricket great again (The Spectator) - on how T20 is transforming cricket

Match fixing is more common than ever (The Economist) - special report on fixing in sport

India v Pakistan: Cricket in the shadow of terrorism (The New York Times) - portrait of a match the day after terrorist attacks in London

Want to know how successful sportswashing is? Just look at the Manchester City fans who cheerlead for Abu Dhabi (The i paper)

Football's new frontiers: why India and China could be the next global superpowers (The Daily Telegraph) 

Britain’s Investment in Olympic Sports Pays Off (The New York Times) - explaining how Britain came second in the 2016 Games 

With four years to go until World Cup 2022, the horrors in Qatar continue (The i paper)

Stories from teams

How the Golden State Warriors built a dynasty, featuring interviews with Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Steve Kerr (The Daily Telegraph)

The wonderkid factory: How Dortmund became the world’s best finishing school for young footballers (The i paper)

‘Throw-ins should not be thrown away’: Interview with Liverpool’s new throw-in coach (The Daily Telegraph)

Kings again: How the West Indies changed T20 cricket (ESPNCricinfo) - long read 

How Iceland (population: 330,000) qualified for the World Cup (The Economist) 

sports science / TECHNOLOGY / ANALYTICS

The rise in head injuries in sport - and how to make games safer (The Economist)

Revealed: the key statistic England use to select their Test team - and how it works (The Daily Telegraph) 

Racial profiling in the Premier League: how unconscious bias persist in sports recruitment (The i paper)

The perils of Tiger parenting: why later specialisation is better in sport (The Daily Telegraph)

Why sacking football managers doesn't work (The Independent) 

Inside how analytics are transforming basketball – and analysts are learning how to measure a player’s heart (The i Paper)


The future of sport

How can the IPL become a global sports giant? (ESPNCricinfo) - a report on what the IPL will look like in 2023

Virtual reality in sport (The Guardian)

Twenty million players, £250k prize, and drugs testing: the Fifa eWorld Cup just got serious (The Daily Telegraph) 

The future of sports broadcasting (The i paper) - How Silicon Valley is changing how we watch sport 

Golf 2.0 (The New York Times)

The future of Test cricket (The Cricket Monthly) - longform piece on the format's future - and whether it has one


personal stories

The life of the Wimbledon qualifier (The Independent) - a window into those below tennis's elite  

The Afghan refugees in Germany finding solace in cricket (ESPNCricinfo)

Michael Jolley: From Cambridge university and city trading to managing Grimsby Town (The i paper)

The academic who defeated football hooliganism (The Athletic) 

'I Should Die Happy' (Bleacher Report) - Leicester City's 5,000-1 season, two years on

Coming back to Trescothick (The Cricket Monthly) - On Marcus Trescothick's ongoing battle with depression

A decade of the IPL seen through the auctioneer's eyes (The New York Times)


EXclusive stories

Premier League wants Brexit exemption amid fears next N'Golo Kante would be denied work permit (The Daily Telegraph)

Financial gap between 'big six' and rest of Premier League to grow by up to £75m with overseas TV deal (The Daily Telegraph)

WADA to use Artificial Intelligence to catch cheats (The i paper) 

European superleague could contravene EU law and allow Uefa to block breakaway competition (The i paper) 

Investigation into doping in cricket (The Daily Telegraph) 

English youngsters could be prevented from moving under 18 post-Brexit (The Daily Telegraph) 

Fifa urged to bring in concussion substitutes by medical chief of global footballers union (The Daily Telegraph) 

Several women cricketers report corruption approaches, for the first time in the game’s history (The Daily Telegraph) 

Thirty-nine match-fixing alerts in eSports in 2017 (The i paper)

88% of Women's Super League players earn under £18,000 a year (The Daily Telegraph) 

New York Yankees lined up to play at London’s Olympic Stadium (The i paper)

ICC ponders two divisions in Test cricket (The Guardian)